Gridview does not dispay on my webpage when i run my page

pls can someone help ,me out ! each time i place a gridview, detailsview, on my webform and run the page i always get an empty web page pls what am i doing wrong ? thankx i am using vb with visual studio 2010

Not enough information to supply a meaningful response.

just to clearer on the issue !, i am want to insert , delete ,edit data into an sql database , so i placed a gridview on my webform and configured the gridview , but each time i run the webpage i end up with a blank webpage , ive also tried using a
details view , but still come up with same result , i am using visual studio vb and thanks ! hope i have enough information supplied

its visual studio 2010 thanks

How are you binding the data to the gridview?

Thanks a lot for your interest !

i got placed an sqldatasource control , placed it on the webform ,then configured it through the wizard , then placed a gridview on the form , then , i set the datasource property of the gridview to the sqldatasource

Thanks in advance !

Are you getting results from the sqldatasource or is it coming up empty? When you use the wizard what happens when you click the “Test Query” button?

Everything seems to be in order but I’ve not used webforms or sqldatasource for a few years. Hmm. Did you set the columns manually or are you using AutoGenerateColumns=“True”? Either way it shouldn’t matter. I’ve taken your steps above and I’ve got a functional gridview. If I make it so that no records are returned by using a non-existing value in a WHERE statement I also get an empty screen. My guess is that your not returning anything from the database.

thankx for your replies ! , ive tried it out with with both an empty and non empty table , my major challenge is that the gridview displays very well in the design mode , but once i hit the run button , and the webpage is in the run mode , the page displays all other controlls but the gridview