Graphics Card Vs CPU Upgrade


Hello There,

Does anyone know if I upgrade my graphics card from 3gb to 6gb, will it make a difference when exporting videos in premiere pro? Also do you guys think I should upgrade my cpu instead of graphics card?


It’s a while since I used Premier Pro so I don’t recall, but looking at this after a quick search it seems a good GPU can make a difference your exports.

Though looking at the comments, they say the CPU does most of the encoding, but the GPU helps with rendering. So I guess if you have a lot of transforms , effects, graphics, etc, it will help. So you need to consider the type of edits you are doing.

I have found a lot of graphics type applications that are able to utlise the GPU can be way faster than using the CPU. Of course it’s more so with a better GPU like a high-end gaming card or pro graphics card.


Yes it will make a lot of difference.


First determine if you can update the CPU without updating the entire system. If you do not know how to determine that then assume you cannot update the CPU without updating the entire system.

You do not specify what OS you are using. Whatever the OS, you need to ask your system if the CPU needs to be updated. There are many performance tools that can tell you what the processor utilization is. Use one of them to determine if you need to update the CPU. But note that it also depends on the display adapter (graphics card); if it is an economical one and a more expensive one will do much processing in the display adapter then the processor utilization is likely not relevant.


Try getting one of the rx vega 64 because it will give you good rendering power not specifically in adobe though, but the overall rendering power of the vega 64 is supreme. Also, if you get confused in which variant to buy check for a brief round up of some of the best vega 64’s out there.