Grabbing info from a user form

I recently put my first Web page online,, and I don’t know how to grab the contact information from the user. When the user hits submit I would like to know how to send the information to a file or page only viewable by the Web site owner or even better yet have the information sent to the owner’s email address. I don’t know if this is possible and if it is what language to learn. I watched a few videos on PHP and I thought that I could find my answers there but apparently I missed something. If anybody could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. When giving suggestions please give a few hints (e.g. in PHP I thought $_GET or $_POST would be my answers but I must have missed something).

Thank you

Hi @charltonjohn. Yes, you need a server-side language like PHP to do that. A basic contact form is quite easy to do, though. There are tons of options online—tutorials, free scripts etc. Just for fun, I put up a free script on my own site that you could check out if you like. Some more heavy duty, main-stream options include:

Thank you for all of your help and guidance on supplying me with information on how to send contact information to an email. I am having one problem and that is an error message in the comment field. Instead of sending me to a ‘Thank You’ page I just keep getting this error message. If you could help me out with this I would appreciate it.

I would also like to know where to learn the code you have sent me. What I mean is that your code is in depth and appears to be on a higher level than beginner. I have watched a few YouTube videos on PHP, but there is no way any of them would have taught me what you showed me. Thank you for your help and any education guidance would be appreciated.

No, it’s very much beginner code. I picked it up from various books, online references etc., but it could certainly use a lot of improvement. It’s just hard for us non-programmers to work out how to do this stuff, which is why I posted what I had worked out. There are many reasons why something like this might not be working, so you’ll need to describe in detail what you’ve tried and what is happening. You could PM me if you like.

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