Need advice on coding a form please


I have used simple PHP contact forms before, but I am terrible at PHP. Complete novice, I really need to learn it. I am going to have to download some tutorials this evening and get started… any recommendations on easy to learn tutorials? I am fine with CSS, XHTML etc, but can’t seem to grasp PHP.

I used a form generator last night, which I thought would generate the PHP for a form I need to make… but it hasn’t.

Can anyone let me know how much work will be needed to get this form to send the data to an email address? I have uploaded it here:

No need for security or whatever, just a simple data to email push.

I am looking for the most simplistic way to get his to work.

Are the names of the labels too confusing?

There are several complete contact forms available for download. Why not try that instead of a half cooked one?

Creating a contact form for your website

A simple contact form

Everything in that form which I posted is exactly to what I need though.


Remember this statement the first time a customer calls you complaining that someone started spamming them, and it looks like the emails are coming via your form.

I’ve seen it happen.