Google's logo today (january 4th)

check out google’s spiffy logo today

does anyone know (i do) what it might mean?

The apple & Newton… Great Creativity & simplicity

I was clueless - until I moused over the graphic. :wink:

It’s someones’ birthady :).

The way to find out what any of the Google logos mean is to move your mouse over it. They always put the reason for the specific logo in the title attribute.

I spotted a new year Easter Egg on Google, visit their homepage and just hit “I’m Feeling Lucky” without posting anything in the search box and lot’s of fireworks go off with a happy new year message, I discovered it entirely by accident… pretty funny though, haven’t seen Google do this before. :smiley:

yeah i noticed this too, im always checking that button to see what happens :lol: sometimes i just get a number, not sure what it means though :scratch:

If you put the numbers together every week, it gives you the winning lottery number for the next week. It’s a secret though.

I asked my students today whether they knew what yesterday was. Many of them knew because of this little Google thing, and some of them will probably remember for a while. Pretty cool.

that’s funny, it doesn’t work today

That’s because you use IE.

putz :stuck_out_tongue:

it doesn’t work in firefox or opera either

:x i knew it!!!

It is because today it has just the standard Google logo so there is no special event related to the logo - so you could say that it is working by not showing anything.

cool ! i like how they are always mixing it up. i read an article about the guy that does all the artwork for those. what a cool gig!

only when there is some anniversary that they consider is worthy of recognition that isn’t likely to be too controversial.