Google's New Look To Search like Yahoo

Recently when i switch on my LAptop and just opened

I see the search box is changed…and when i typed some query string and hit enter it will show a results like a Yahoo’s Search. i thought i have entered then why it show like yahoo’s search result page.

The changes will only in…i tried also for,,, etc etc…but they remain same as it before.

can you guys tell me what changes have been made to that search.

you can also try and lets share your point here.

with which new technologies google have launched that…


Google tests lots of design variations by showing them to a small random percentage of surfers. That one’s been around for a few months probably, I’ve seen it before. It’s not that different from the current Google search page, except that normally you have to click “Show Options” to get a left navigation column where that design made it static.

I don’t find anything special here. I can see old primitive google interface. I can see apple tree that is lean on to google word and for each search or fraction of seconds animated apple drop on to search panel… thats what new in google i can see so far. May be your domain or workplace may be chosen for innovation.

Please check the link for image:[IMG][/IMG]

I figured that out, that’s the design I’m talking about, I’ve used it before as well.