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I used a google sitemap generator for my site but it’s only showing 1 URL of 70 indexed? I used the same sitemap generator a few months ago on a different site and it indexed some 41 of 42 URL’s. It’s really bugging me. Have I done something wrong?

You may have to wait for sometime to get indexed, esp., if your site does not have quality contents. Add quality contents. Update the site frequently. Add some good backlinks. Then check the result.


whats your site url ?

I don’t think I’m allowed to post the URL here so will send you a pvt message - thanks Randor

Send me also let me help you…

I have heard about google sitemap very much and i think it seems really useful. Can anyone plz provide me the full details how it works actually!!

unrelated but I noticed you have a dead link indexed:


also the sitemap link at the upper right hand corner does not link to a sitemap.

im still looking for the main issue…

hi there, just to confirm, I am refering to the xml sitemap (…/sitemap.xml) which is specifically for google and not the .html (…/site-map.html) which is for the end user. Hope this makes sense.

ya im not seeing any real issues with the xml code… i pointed out the bad site map link because indexing is greatly sped up by having a link to the xml sitemap on each page, or at least the homepage. also since your html sitemap was dead i thought maybe your internal linking is bad which also slows down indexing. another thing that helps is to tell the robot filter to specifically allow the xml sitemap which brings attention to it. how recently did you upload the xml sitemap?

I put up the sitemap a few days ago and found an error which was causing a number of issues. Reloaded today so will give it a week or so and then post an update. thank you very much for reviewing.

I can’t find the issue you mentioned with the user site map. Did you use site-map.htm or site-map.html? I’d like to know as if there is a problem you are seeing that I’m not then I do need to track this down. Please could you have a look again if you get the chance (navigate from the home page if possible).

thanks again randor

your home page has this sitemap link in the bottom left:

the indexed sitemap that was missing was:

the sitemap link in your upper right corner links to:

neither of your working user sitemaps are indexed yet

Yes, I have noticed this kind of problem in my site too but i think i have to once check the dead links and should remove them so as to get indexed faster.

You need to check your old site again, that all the links are working and is there any broken links and all.

wow, just when you think you have checked everything, a whole load more teething issues to work through. Many thanks for that. Incidently, how to you check to see if a page or site has been indexed other than using google tools?

I would submit the sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools, it’s the fastest way to get the thing noticed and indexed. However if you have errors in your sitemap (which it sounds like from what others have said) you should make it a priority to fix the bugs first. Google doesn’t like dead links :slight_smile:

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you that have posted on this subject. I checked today and google has now indexed 18 out of 49 URL’s within 3 days, so some progress has been made. I would like to get as near as 100% as possible (I did this with another site) as each page contains it’s own useful content to the reader. For me, 18 out of 49 is okay, but not great. How does this rank with other sites out there? What else should I be checking?

Thanks again though.

I didn’t notice any other issues with the site, you will probably have all your pages indexed within the next month or two.

thanks - it’s been a bit of a trip to get this far ! :slight_smile:

Just make Quality Pages… and your whole site is indexed very soon…

Just a quick update that all URL’s are now successfully indexed :slight_smile: The main issue I had was broken links, which once fixed tended made a huge difference. Thank you so much to all those that have contributed.