Google+ Local and search results

Hi all, just want to know how is it possible to appear (like in the attached image) in Google search results. The company I work for is above these links, but not with the same styling (Google Maps). We have a Google+ Local page (used to be Google Places), and I have just signed up for Google+ today.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Allan,

Full Google+ Local guide and a few more advanced bits.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the reply, will give that a look through now.

Right, that was an interesting article, thanks for that adam, but I don’t think it has made things totally clear for me. The Google+ Local page for the company I work for, was probably set up a few years ago (I have only been here 8 months). Anyway, I had no idea about Google+ until recently (didn’t care for it much), but now I see it’s important. My boss wants the company’s site to appear like the image attached in the OP, even though it is above in searches. I looked over the last 2 days for a straight forward answer as to shall I create a Google+ page (business) even though there is a Google+ Local page (used to be Google Places). As I said in the OP I have just recently created a Google+ account for the company (and a seperate one for myself) and have made a few changes on the Google+ Local page, along with getting 2 reviews from clients added in. Will this have any affect on the search results and will it take a few days, or will I go ahead and create a Google+ business page anyway?

Is it kind of “canitation” marking of your business location in Google maps?I heard this terminology,how can we do this?

There’s no such thing as a straight forward answer with Google+ or Google+ Local (formerly known as Google Places).

  1. Create a Google+ Business Page anyway
  2. As the article demonstrates, you need links going to your Google+ Local pages. Reviews too, as these are a ranking factor. As is your proximity to the center of the town you are located in.
  3. You also need citations. Citations are where your business is mentioned, including its full address on directory sites, business listing sites (like and Thompson Local)
  4. Somehow Google picks up all the citations to learn that your business is in a particular location.
  5. Make sure that your Google+ Local listing has been verified so that it appears in the right spot for Google Maps as well.

This stuff can takes AGES for Google to actually update.
So it’s best to do most of the work, then build a few Business Listings and Reviews to your pages every month.

But the results/changes will not be quick!

Beside citation and map validation, selecting the right categories for places are important, Google relied on those criteria to grouping similar site. In addition map listing are like normal site too, to list in first page it must have good signal such as quality content, backlinks, social, and CTR.