Google GEO Location?

Hi, I have a list of towns and I would like to find their provinces!

I know their Country and State but not Province or County!

Los Marantes is: España/Canarias I need somehow auto populate county?

Google geolocation autocomplete does the job but since I have a list of thousands of towns I need to somehow auto complete this?

Any ideas?

At my company we did something similar using google maps to locate people through gps. All you need to do is send a request to google maps passing the information you already have and everything you need will be in the response. There’s just one problem: for free users there is a limited number of requests that can be sent by day/month so only if you pay you will be able to make as many requests as you want per day, and the map should be displayed in a browser every time.

google map will have all list of cities - please use google plugin

What Google plugin is that?

I could find several WordPress Google map plugins.
But I didn’t have any luck finding a plugin for cites to use with Google maps.

Thanks guys gonna have to approach this from the other end :wink:

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