Google Chrome AdBlock

What are your thoughts on Google’s proposed adblocker for Chrome? Do you think they’ll do it? Do you think small ad networks will have to close their business?

If they don’t do it they’ll fall behind the times, other browsers have included content blocking facilities for a many years and it’s fast becoming a standard feature.

Will ad networks close? Yes i think that’s inevitable, the internet is based around the intention economy so traditional advertising isn’t a good fit - it only really works for advertisers and publishers :slight_smile:

I think the only browsers that have adblockers in them now are in mobile, not desktop.

If Google were to ban the AdBlock, AdBlockPlus, or Ghostly from its web store, other extensions would eventually appear with related functionality, and since it would be very troublesome ( if possible ) for Toggle to detect them, Google does not bother to do that at all.
As already mentioned in other answers, Chrome’s competitors would inevitably acquire more users as a result.
With more users switching to mobile, the share of Google’s revenue is shifting from desktop to smaller screens, which makes the danger of ad blockers less important. ( maybe that is exactly why chrome plugins are not yet available on android )

I don’t see how the FTC or the European anti-trust commission will approve such a move. It will turn Google from a giant monopoly to a crazy giant monopoly with no competitors whatsoever.

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