Google analytics

Can anyone figure out what I’m missing here?

I can’t get google analytics to work for No matter where I place the code, it just won’t work.

Any thoughts? Help is greatly appreciated.

I’ve placed it everywhere between the body tags, is there something wrong with the code?

“Won’t work” could mean a billion different things. In what way won’t it work?

I’ve just scanned your page source and there is no GA code. You need to add the code for it to work.

Hello JordanTW,

I have checked your page source and found GA code. Have you modified the code?
I am asking this code because it seems to have nothing between first script code. I am not technically sounded but It seems to modified as I have used GA code in many sites.

I just checked your site and I see your code just before the body tag where it should be. With that in the right place it should be working just fine now!

The code is supposed to go directly before the </body> tag.

JordanTW: I notice that you’ve got the old style urchin code on your page (didn’t notice it before).

Is it working now?