Google adwords problem

I have recently published this website, and when I try to use google adwords I get the following problem

your ad was disapproved for destination not working

This is my site Problem site

Have you tried the advertising policies help suggestions?

Destination not working

The following is not allowed:

Not allowed Destinations that don’t function properly or have been incorrectly set up

The “suspended” at the end of that section is a bit alarming. When does it become the future and how many is too many?

If you aren’t able to fix these violations, or you choose not to, please remove your ad to help prevent your account from becoming suspended in the future for having too many disapproved ads.

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1: Make sure you haven’t typo’d your URL in the submission. Your URL is fairly long, so it may be you’ve glossed over a simple minor dyslexia moment.
2: Is the URL you put into adwords the exact url you’ve included in this post? You haven’t used any redirections, or other shorthanders?
3: Only other thing that pokes out at me from a network diagram of my connection to your URL is that one of your calls to google fonts is generating a 307. Don’t… think that should cause any problems wiht a ‘not working’ declaration, though.

If you’ve resolved the three things there, submit for a review in the link Mittineague supplied you.


I also faced a problem in inapproval in adwards my site. But someone told me to install a WordPress plugin (wp-optimize) to clean and optimize my site. I did the same and got approved.

Do you tried to call them?
If i have a problem whit solution that not obvious to me i am always call them.

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