Good places to find free/very affordable graphics?

I’m working with a client doing web development who’s on a slightly limited budget. I forgot to factor in additional graphic assets. Can anyone recommend sources for free graphics and images? Also locations for very affordable graphics and images for commercial use?

Good sites with free images are BittBox and [URL=“”]DeviantArt.

Some good stock photography sites (with v. reasonable prices) include iStock, [URL=“”]Getty and [URL=“”]Fotolia.

Check out the link in my signature if you are looking for conceptual 3d renderings - images can be purchased very cheaply via credits or a subscription.

ill recommend you this blog this is my friends blog and he try to collect good free images from different blogs. Also you can try devianart for .ai images

Be wary when going to deviantart and some of those other sites - those free images aren’t always their own. Be sure to check for licensing also, as some are only free for personal use but charge a fee for commercial use.

You can check out which has a search feature which allows you to search by licensing as well (though again, you need to read the usage on them because some are only free with conditions)

We’ve used from time to time. Check it out…