Good free image editor

Any good free image editors out there that are similar to Photoshop? I have Picassa but I can’t edited picture sized etc. It just lets me crop them. Thanks.

Try Gimp and

IrfanView is limited in its capabilities, but it does what it does well, and it will resize pics nicely. It certainly doesn’t have the capabilities of Gimp or, but it’s useful for what it will do.

Might be of use:

10 Excellent Open Source and Free Alternatives to Photoshop

You can also use GimpShop with [URL=“”]Gimp so that the look and feel is very close to Photoshop.

Wow, thanks. Great info. I need something similar to Photoshop but not the Photoshop price tag. Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Picasa is not totally an image editor, and can’t replace photoshop! But photoshop being heavy and not that easy to use, you can go with Gimp which is a lighter and perfect alternative to photoshop. is one of the most basic ones which you can use, but for better features, you should better go with Gimp in the end! does have quite a library of plugins, but I haven’t explored them enough to figure out whether they amount up to much use.

In my estimation though, Gimp is for power users, while Paint.Net can be easier to use for others. requires the Microsoft .NET framework, which may or may not be an issue for folks.

I’m using, I think it is good to can try it.
website: <snip />

Lowprofile, while GIMP is the open-source alternative of Photoshop, you might also be interested in checking out Inkscape, it’s basically the alternative to Illustrator (as it produces vector images - as GIMP does raster), the two of them pretty much give you a solid alternative to the Adobe duo. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the ultimate resource is

For example, Graphics applications at where the best open source software is found halfway down the page (the green bullet-point ones)

Gimp all the way!

My favorite is Good, free and available anywhere.

Awesome information. You guys are the best. I don’t mind paying for the Photoshop version, but that’s a lot of money for something I will not be using often enough.

Thanks for the responses. So Alex, you say Inkscape with GIMP? Am I understanding you correctly?

Inkscape is a scaled vector graphic (SVG) editor. Illustrator is Adobe’s SVG editor. According to my graphics lady (20 yrs exp), Inkscape is superior to Illustrator.

The Gnu Image Manipulation Program (The GIMP) is a raster image manipulation program, roughly equivalent to Photoshop. Photoshop is principally a print tool, designed to create high resolution cmyk separations that also does rgba images. The GIMP is built from the ground up for web images, which may or may not make it easier to get what you want for the web.

Another image program I haven’t seen mentioned, is ImageMagick. This is a suite of command line utilities for doing damned near anything with an image. Read for yourself.



Yep Lowprofile… GIMP is the open source alternative of Photoshop (Raster) and Inkscape is the open source alternative of Illustrator (Vector), between them you can do pretty much anything. If you want something similar to Fireworks (general purpose editing) I would use Paint.NET (it’s a very solid editor) :slight_smile:

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