Simple prog for graphics?

I need to put a simple, easy to use program for working with graphics and photos on my wife’s new computer (Win 7, 64bit)

She doesn’t use this sort of thing very often, but does occasionally for working with digital photos and occasionally working with graphics to crop or whatever.

Since it’s not something that will be used very often, I was hoping to find an open source program

Any suggestions?

Thanx, but I’m not interestd in “cloud computing” due to the obvious
security concerns so I’d rather have a program installed locally for
all the functions I need to do on my computer.

Just need a simple graphics program

Hi dear,

Now, it is the era of cloud computing. Now, you no further need to install each and every software on your system. Just go to and you can perform professional quality image editing tasks online.

Hope this works

Here are two handy articles on that:

I know this topic is a bit old, but try Paint.NET, it’s pretty good (and free, too).

Maybe Paint would work?
Of course that depends on what is really needed to be done.

I have heard a lot about photofunia, Some of my friends have shown me their pictures edited from photofunia. And it is online working.

I second the recommendation for Paint.NET - great free solution.

But that is too complex for some users, my Mum is very happy with Picasa.

Do any of these programs have an Image Slicer that renders the sliced project into an html page?