Good books on using colour & typography!


I’m originally a programmer, but lately I’ve found myself more and more trying to get the hang of simple web design (due to the lack of affordable, skilled designers that keep their promises).

However, I find it very hard to find good resources on the use of colour and typography for use on websites, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a few good books on these subjects!

Please help me find the right book for me :slight_smile:


Hi Ruben. There was a good thread on typography books recently, but I can’t find it. Anyway, here are some books and links that were suggested:

Typography For Non-Designers
Design For Non-Designers
Thinking With Type (Ellen Lupton)
The Elements of Typographic Style (Robert Bringhurst)
The Typographic Desk Reference

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile: Will definitely check them out!

Keep them coming people! :wink:

I can confirm the ones ralph has recommended for typography, their all good choices and typography is an important factor in web design now (I also recommend - Adobe Type Primer). As for color I know only one which is honestly any good in respect to web design (all the others are aimed at print designers and are therefore useless for our industry) called Color for Websites by Molly Holzschlag.

You would be much better off reading some good online tutorials on color theory such as the following…

Hm, is this topic a candidate for future sticky? Typography and resources come up regularly.

The sticky threads are currently being worked on. Typography and colour theory are amongst the topics covered.

I know Alex mentioned above that most color books are for print designers, but they can offer something to all readers. I have a book by Mark Gatter called “Getting it right in Print”. I found it an amazing read, as it explains in depth the fascinating differences between RGB and CMY(K), and how to optimize images in Photophop etc—things that I’ve found equally handy for web design.

Thanks for the help guys! Already learning awesome new things :smiley: