Going from Illustrator Tutorials to Inkscape

Once you have the basics of Inkscape down (i.e. understand the tools) and you understand the basics of vector-based tools, how hard would it be to take an Online Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator and use it to guide you making the same thing in Inkscape?

I would think that for the most part, if you know how to create things in one tool you could do them in another tool. (For beginner to moderate tasks)

What do you think?


I think you nailed it in your second sentence. :slight_smile:

I think it depends on the knowledge of the author of the tutorial. It is a big difference if you describe what you do with the tools you need or if you just tell how to do it in AI.

These two tools do have a lot in common but also quite a few differences. This article has a quick rundown on the major differences. Before you buy such an expensive tool, I’d recommend you get the trial version first and see whether it’s worth using it, unless you already have, of course.

That was the purpose of the thread…

I do not want to buy Adobe Illustrator.

It is clear that there is 10X more help for Illustrator than for Inkscape, however, if Adobe Illustrator tutorials will map fairly well to Inkscape - from a design standpoint - then that is all the more reason to save my $$$ and go open-source!

Make sense?



Oh, right. Well, once you know Inkscape well, you’ll probably be fine with using Illustrator tutorials, though the steps will definitely not be identical, depending on what is done.