Godaddy Hosting / PHP Email Functions

I have a site hosted with Godaddy. Apparently Godaddy turns the php mail function off. The page is a DB driven (phy / mysql) page.

Anyway, upon successful submission of the form to the DB I want an e-mail confirmation to be sent.

What are my opinions while still keeping the page php?

Is it possible to call to an .aspx file from within the php form to do the job of sending the mail on successful submission?

Any help / examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I have a site hosted by GoDaddy and the PHP mail function works fine fore me. Maybe there is something wrong your code.

Try running the below file and see if it works. I find it hard to believe that godaddy would disable the php mail function. Are you sure it is not going to your spam folder or something?

mail("", "test message from godaddy", "this is a test message, if you are reading this the email was sent successfully.");

Just replace with your email.

ok, this is the deal. The hosting package is “deluxe hosting with” which support php script as well. However, the windows hosting package php mail functions are disabled although it will parse other php scripts.
Thank you for responding.


Perhaps this will solve your problem:

It is a class for PHP that avoids the mail() function. You can specify the SMTP server to use - you should be able to use the SMTP server address that is provided with your account, and even authenticated SMTP if required.

Oh, ok. That would be the problem then. I think the class that getweb provided should do the trick.

and what was the solution? did you active it or use another code?

guys where do i post my problem with e mail?
i could send e mail from my web site but i can not receive any?
this is what i get
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.


help pls

  1. you need to give more info about your problem
  2. you should probably start a new thread