hidden costs

What are the hidden costs in 4GH web hosting?

[FONT=Verdana]Why would you expect there to be hidden costs?

They appear to give full information on their site, but if you have any questions about what’s included in the price and what you might have to pay extra for, I would think you’d do better to ask GoDaddy direct. :)[/FONT]


In this same forum there is a discussion about penalties that Godday levied against a domain for improper use. Other people chime in, so this may be of interest to you. The thread is Godaddy-asking-for-199-Fine


You need to always read all the details about an account before you sign up for it. Sales and marketing isn’t always what it appears to be at the first glance. If there is an offer and it refers you to other sections to read or it is lengthy than it is your responsibility to read it and to protect yourself. Don’t accept an offer at its face value, explore all of the details. Even if you have to call or e-mail and ask specific questions because the terms of the offer aren’t clear than do. Leading language and offers too good to be true usually have something more to them. I’m not saying this is the case with the offer in point in this thread but overall special offers should be thoroughly considered before you sign up for them or accept the terms.


You have but to look around this forum to see that there are only one or two members who’ve been GoDaddy clients and not had serious problems - most seem to loathe them as a web host. Therefore, I have to ask why you’d even ask about hidden costs with a host which 99% of our members hate (caveat - they do have a good reputation as a registrar, it’s only their hosting service and support which seems to be horrid).



I dont think they have hidden costs, but when going through the order process you are presented with many offers and kind of forced to buy them.

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