How do price match websites get their prices?

im looking into starting a price matchin website, but arent really sure how they get their prices, im guessing they buy a database off someone and refer to that for it?

sites im talking about are like or

type a brand in and bam 50 web results. any ideas of what direction to look?


I’m not 100% sure of course but I wouldn’t be surprised if they simply connect to the different databases. In both examples the list of suppliers is not endless.

Just buying of a database could never be an option, since the prices are changing all the time. Which would mean that they are showing old prices if the database would not be updated. I think you should see it more as some kind of affiliate agreement.

There’s many approaches: google product search spiders sites, pricegrabber charges people to be included, smarter hybrids, and others simply partner up to use what someone else created. Time, money and the goals of the data are what dictate the approach.