Glitching on mobile

Hello guys,

I need help here.
On my website, mobile version I had glitching when you fast scroll down.

Do you know how to fix it?

Thank you

“glitching” is an ambiguous word. It can mean different things to different people. Do you know how to describe the “glitching” or post a screen shot showing the “glitching”.

How fast is “scrolling fast”? Why do you think that is abnormal? Because it is a “rocket” powered Wordpress site? Bandwidth and device speed are still factors to be considered. If your images/slider is feeding desktop sized images to a mobile device, delays are very possible.

Try validating the HTML. That might help or might not, but it will clean up some errors in the HTML.

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@midastou4, I’ve de-linked your URL, as you are fairly light on details here. Could you please explain the glitch you refer to? I visited your site on mobile and am struggling to know what you are talking about.

Are you referring to the sticky footer button labelled message that appears sporadically when you scroll fast versus scrolling slowly. When you scroll slowly it only appears once you hit the bottom, but if you do it fast, it appears mid-way down the page.

Or the fact that your site seems to jump/stick to the bottom of the page if you scroll fast enough and get to roughly 80% of the way down, it just jumps to the very bottom of the page. Doesn’t happen if you scroll slowly and only happens once, so once it occurs, you can’t easily reproduce it (without refreshing the page).


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