Position:fixed and mobile devices

I know position:fixed is not supposed to work in mobile devices, but the reason I’m asking about this is that I have seen this work in phones, and I don’t know how they do it… articles in m.huffpost.com have a bar at the bottom for the social-media links, as I have for portrait phones, and if you scroll down the article on the phone it doesn’t move…
mine moves…

I don’t know how they do it… now my pg is a photo page, there’s no copy that you have to scroll up or down… but if you view it on a small phone (iPhone 4) you do have to scroll down to see entire photo, and the result is pretty dismal… the bar at the bottom for the sm-links doesn’t stay… I think it looks lousy…

(this is only for phone portrait, for phone landscape & tablet (& desktop) I display sm-links differently, so this problem only applies to phones portrait…;~)

would appreciate any help…

thank you…

These days, it’s very much supported on mobile, as shown by caniuse. Basically it’s just Opera Mini that doesn’t support it now, which is to be expected.

Is that a link to your page?

If so, validate your HTML.

The .nu validator aborted after the first 5 errors. The validator accessed by Firefox shows 81 errors.

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81 errors???

I validated everything the other day, didn’t show any errors…

(now it’s showing an error about there being an element before tag, b/c I have an error there I’m stying tackling, this is why it’s showing an errant <br />, etc…
(it’s a very weird error, that only happens when I’m on a url that’s on section1/ very puzzling… and: I never saw it in the localhost, so am a bit stumped…)

<head> is missing child element <title>? no it’s not… I don’t get this error…

I also don’t get these errors (there are many of them…???)

Error Line 181, Column 49: reference to entity "nbsp" for which no system identifier could be generated
	  <span class="hide">at photo</span>&nbsp;<span>1&nbsp;</span>

what is this error?

most errors have to do with &nbsp; entity… weird… I did not get this last time I validated (about three days ago…) will look into it… all errors above those entity errors are related to the error that shows on top of the page when am in a page on section1/

this is another issue I’m dealing with…

well, thank you ronpat…

I find this FireFox Addon invaluable when working on my localhost because it validates seamlessly in the background. A green icon shows after the page has rendered indicating there are no errors or warnings. A red or orange icon indicates problems. Clicking on the icon and a popup screen appears showing source code, highlighted lines with errors or warnings, help and also a pretty formatter, etc. Did I mention it all happens in the background :wink:

Current version on my Linux system incorrectly reports an invalid correct Doctype which I ignore and use the remaining features.

Does anyone know of a WorkaRound?

The solution to the storm of errors is to delete the JUNK above the <!doctype html>… including the empty lines, all of which I believe is being inserted by some misguided PHP.

How about deleting the empty lines within the body of the HTML, too?

A little indented formatting would be nice.

It sure wouldn’t hurt to make the HTML easier to read, especially when you want help from people who have never seen the page before.


Now, what was the original problem???

I looks like the problem is caused by your php error reporting on-screen. That’s fine in your dev environment, but on your public site you should be reporting errors to the log where only you see them.

Getting back on topic, I’m confused by your question regarding mobiles and fixed position. The site does not appear to be responsive, or it there another mobile version? Also I have not spotted the fixed elements.

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