Github: First dev job, basic question about creating branch

Hi – I got my very first dev job (thx Site Point) and the first task seemed obvious…but now I have a question.
The brief asks me to: create a branch of the github repo –

The basic contract is to clone the site and then make a few changes to it.
The site is built in Kirby
This question feels really “stupid” so I think/hope it’s a good idea to ask here…just in case. (thx in advance)

My question: I’m remote. It’s a public repository. Do I – create a clone of the master, create a branch, do my work, and then merge into his public repo?

I have used github for local projects but realized I have never done this before for someone else.
The contract is for someone who I have worked for for years as a content strategist. I know him well and trust him. He is giving me this small job to kind of gauge where my development skills are, to see if I would be a good fit as a junior developer for him.

Thank you for any guidance!

You fork it then clone your fork, then you make a PR to push it back up.

Oh thank you so much.
**Why would I not simply Clone – not Fork/Clone?
Asking because I just downloaded Jump Start Git & tbh am a bit confused now. I think just huge anxiety with starting my first project.

Okay – So:

  1. Fork
  2. Clone that Fork
  3. b. Make the requested changes
  4. Pull Request
  5. That Pull Request becomes the Branch that the client has requested?

Thank you.

Yeah, basically. Or you can be granted access to the repo and just clone and commit directly to the repo.

You should always make changes in branches, then merge the branch back into master, though.

Thank you! Your answer - then reading the book - prompted me to ask the client. He invited me as a contributor.

I wouldn’t have known how to frame the question - thank you!


Next question –

I’ve made branch. I made a “practice branch” on one of my repos – and can’t see it locally.

To be careful, I followed workflow exactly in Jump Start Git…

I can see it in the terminal but not on my “desktop” – in other words, can’t import into Atom. What am I missing?

Have you fetched the remote branches since you created it remotely? (It’s easier to create the branch locally, btw.)

Thank you for your response. I didn’t get a notification & so somehow missed this. I resolved the issue and now feel way way more comfortable in git :slight_smile:
Thank you so much, though.

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