Getty Images Class Action

I was wondering if anyone has had some major legal headaches with Getty Images. I’m looking for anyone interested in becoming part of a Class Action against Getty’s abuse of copyright law and a form of entrapment.

Let me know AND please no self-righteous finger shaking needed. I have several friends that have posted images on their blog pages only to receive a bill, 14 months later demanding several thousand dollars for copyright infringement.


[FONT=“Georgia”]Images on their blogs that they actually paid for?


Surely all they need to resolve that is to provide a copy of the proof that they had permission to display those images from the copyright owner.

You should always keep a copy of the information where someone gives you permission to display content that they own on your site so as to be able to deal with situations such as this.

Not keeping the proof that you have permission means you cannot defend your position when accused of infringing copyright.

If your friends actually paid for those images then the bank statement showing the payment should go a long way toward proving that the accusation is false.

OR is the proposed class action because your friends have all presented the proof and have had it rejected?

Screw that, people seem to think blogs and in many cases the internet in general is some magical place free of copyright taking what they please. If anything I think getty should be demanding more to make a point!