Getting your design to look consistent across displays

Hi guys,

Forgive me if this a real stupid question, but what’s the best practice for getting colours/designs to look consistent across all displays.

For example, I have a client who is persistant on using black and dark colours for their website design :rolleyes:, I mock something up that looks great on my imac at home but when I check out the site on my Dell Optiplex 960 at work it often doesn’t have the same affect and in this case looks way to dark.

I find getting designs to look good on all display a very difficult task!

Any help would be much appreciated


Invite everyone round to your house and tell them to use your computer…

Seriously … you can’t. Different monitors have all sorts of different settings, some of which may be altered deliberately, accidentally or by default. Even with the same settings, different brands and models will have slightly different colour outputs. Two monitors of the same brand may show colours differently. The same monitor at different stages of its life will show colours differently.

Yep. And if your site is designed on the assumption that it’s colours will look the same on all monitors, then your site is … broken.

Take a look at the "Truth and Consequenses site, is my recommendation. Read it carefully, it won’t take long.