Getting rid of WYSIWYG editor and put text area in tis place

Hey guys,

I want to get rid of the WYSIWYG editor on my website and put a text box for the users to enter their description instead but I cant seem to get it to work. I managed to get the text box to show and put a height and length but when I submit a post with information in it, an error appears and says that I cannot leave the field blank. The reason why I want a text box instead of the editor is to format all text if they decide to copy and paste a description from somewhere else, such as ebay. On my search results page, it will show bold font, bigger font, etc…I want to keep it uniformed.



You’ll need to include more information, example code, error messages, and any 3rd-party code/libraries/software that you are using.

Going in another direction, you can strip tags out of the submitted strings using regex or a DOM parser and remove the option buttons from the WYSIWYG editor.