Getting objects to be the same size, based on area instead of height/width

i have a bunch of pictures that i would like to display together, but they are very different dimensions… if the width is uniform then the landscape ones look half the size of some of the vertical ones… and even among all the vertical ones there is variation… it got me wondering… is there any tool or simple method of taking a batch of pictures and giving the same overall area? (preferably with a maximum height/width as well just to keep things under some control).

If not… someone should make one! hehe.

Check out this jQuery plugin:

It will resize and crop images to fit their containing elements so that you can create a uniform collection of images.

Thanks! not quite what I’m after, though… because if it’s cropping to container, a square image will appear to be much larger than a rectangular one… i was alsohoping not to have to learn jquery yet (it’s on the to-do list, just a bit far down!)

If you want all of your images to be, say, 200 x 200 px, I set the Photoshop crop tool to 200px 200px and just crop whatever part of the image I want. Then all of you images are the same size. (Just make sure the area you crop is not less that 200 x 200px in the first place, though, as image quality won’t be too good. But unless you are working with really low res images, that’s highly unlikely.)

i’m not sure anyone is quite understanding what i’m asking about… i want images to be the same Area. so that images with different ratios can appear to be the same size.

so 2x4, 4x2 2.7x3, 2.2x3.6 etc.

if i were to set a maximum height and width than square images would look larger than all the others, which is why i wanted to base it on area.

You can resize / crop them to those proportions in Photoshop.

yeah… obviously. you playin me for a fool? :stuck_out_tongue: of course i can resize images in photoshop lol.

i mean like batch operations so that i don’t have to do a whole lot of repetetive math myself to make a whole bunch of images appear to be the same size automatically.

I guess I’m the only person who thinks this would be useful… that or no one understands what I’m talking about.

I understand it, but I don’t think it’s useful. Equal area does not make images look the same size. Just put a 2x2 and 1x4 image next to each other.

fair enough… it does fall apart at more extreme dimensions for sure. but max width and max height suffer the same thing with square images and in my experience square to slightly rectangled images are far more common than ones with extreme differences in height to width ratio. perhaps there’s some formula out there for equal looking picture sizes… in the meantime though i think area would be a decent compromise