Maintain aspect ratio when cropping

Hi all, hoping someone knows the answer to this.

My digital photos are 4288 x 2848 and I resize them to 1111 x 737 for my online gallery.

There are times when I want to do a crop and I want it proportional to the canvas so when the images are viewed they are all the same size.

For now I have been resizing the canvas and using the transform tool (using “shift” to keep the image proportional.) to shrink the image to fit. There must be a way to do this without using the transform, I prefer to use on one fractals because it does a better job on resizing. Google has some results but they all pertain to printing.


I found the answer and here it is for anyone that needs this.
Photoshop Crop - Photoshop Cropping - Crop Photo - Crop Image

Not 100% sure I understand the question, but since the fewer times you manipulate your image, the better you preserve quality, (and forgive me if this is missing your point) but simply insert 1111W X 737H X 72px in the crop tool settings, and you’re done.

I’m trying to crop just a bit off of a picture of a bird, if I put 1111W X 737H X 72px in the crop tool settings, all I get is the birds body, no head or feet.

The tutorial I linked to works a treat.
Thanks for the reply, I know it’s hard to explain because that is what most results on Google turn up.

Most common shortcut for retaining dimensions while resizing is by holding the Shift key when dragging or resizing with any of the corner handles.

Which program(s) are you using in your workflow?