General Help With Code

Hi, I have this code that essentially checks if a video stream is live or not, posts only live streams to a txt file, then posts the live streams in a module for users to click and view those streams. But my problem is, its not showing all of the live streams, its only showing 2-4 of the live streams when I am 100% sure there are much more that are live that it is not posting.

File name: Livestreams.php

$chan3 = "";
$streams3 = array( "izual155", "gamegene", "tacsecret", "reckful", "meditor996", "malidude", "porkyhd", "tachydro#", "church_", "tainttubes", "kurimlinn", "tacvfox", "tacpinkiepie", "dkrstarcraft", "chaosstarcraft", "thepandrexlive", "zren89", "1soulfire", "sallvain", "sg_goldster", "adramelechii", "dragon", "dignitasselect", "sing_sing", "desrowfighting", "eghuk", "eg_idra", "rootcatz", "liquidsheth", "spanishiwa", "mtwdimaga", "whitera", "meditor996", "colqxc", "kraglord", "tsm_dyrus", "nyjacky", "crs_saintvicious", "tsm_theoddone", "mstephano", "protech", "l4ad_jcade", "iamteuton", "sc2blingzing#", "bobmoo22", "tac_moose", "valewalker", "koshka", "dollarbg", "blade55555", "denixsc", "honeybearsc2", "cainine", "bokagna", "syberiangamer", "manbearpig1073", "aethis_stream", "blake8705", "mmoorehead", "telecomgaming", "ladykayoh" );																																																											

$out3 = array();

foreach ($streams3 as $channelname3) {
    $chan3 = "" . $channelname3;
    $json_file3 = @file_get_contents($chan3);
    $exist3 = strpos($json_file3, 'name');
    if($exist3) {
        $out3[$channelname3] = json_decode($json_file3);

file_put_contents("channels.txt", serialize($out3));

File name: Livestreams2.php

echo '<div class="sections"><font color="white" face="arial" size=2><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Live User Streams:</b></font></div><div class="hr"><hr></div>';
$files_data3 = file_get_contents("channels.txt");
$json_files3 = unserialize($files_data3);

foreach ($json_files3 as $channelname3 => $json_array3) {

    if (count($json_array3) != 0 && isset($json_array3[0]) && count($json_array3[0]) != 0)
        if ($json_array3[0]->name == "live_user_{$channelname3}")
            $live = true;
            $live = false;

$userLINK3 = "<a href=\\"$channelname3\\" target=\\"_blank\\" title=\\"" . htmlentities($json_array3[0]->title) . "\\" style='color: #c95824'>";
$game3 = htmlentities($json_array3[0]->meta_game);
$viewers3 = htmlentities($json_array3[0]->channel_count);

$gameLong3 = array( "World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria", "StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm", "StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty", "League of Legends", "Minecraft", "Guild Wars 2", "Dota 2", "StarCraft: Brood War", "StarCraft", "APB Reloaded", "Diablo III", "World of Warcraft: Cataclysm", "World of Warcraft", "World of Tanks", "Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard", "EVE Online", "Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars" );
$gameShort3 = array( "WoW", "SC2", "SC2", "LoL", "MC", "GW2", "DoTA2", "SC", "SC", "APB", "D3", "WoW", "WoW", "WoT", "LoTRO", "EVE", "M&B" );

for($c = 0; $c < $MAX_LONG3; $c++){
	if($game3 == $gameLong3[$c]){
		$game3 = $gameShort3[$c];
		$gameSTR3 = "$game3";
		$gameSTR3 = "";

$channelname5 = array( "izual155", "gamegene", "tacsecret", "reckful", "meditor996", "malidude", "porkyhd", "tachydro#", "church_", "tainttubes", "kurimlinn", "tacvfox", "tacpinkiepie", "dkrstarcraft", "chaosstarcraft", "thepandrexlive", "zren89", "1soulfire", "sallvain", "sg_goldster", "adramelechii", "dragon", "dignitasselect", "sing_sing", "desrowfighting", "eghuk", "eg_idra", "rootcatz", "liquidsheth", "spanishiwa", "mtwdimaga", "whitera", "meditor996", "colqxc", "kraglord", "tsm_dyrus", "nyjacky", "crs_saintvicious", "tsm_theoddone", "mstephano", "protech", "l4ad_jcade", "iamteuton", "sc2blingzing#", "bobmoo22", "tac_moose", "valewalker", "koshka", "dollarbg", "blade55555", "denixsc", "honeybearsc2", "cainine", "bokagna", "syberiangamer", "manbearpig1073", "aethis_stream", "blake8705", "mmoorehead", "telecomgaming", "ladykayoh" );

            $nameshort = array( "TaCIzual", "TaCRebecca", "sGSecreT", "Reckful", "Meditor", "Malidude", "Porky", "TaChydro", "Church", "Tainttubes", "Kurimlinn", "TaCvFOX", "PinkiePie", "Dkrstarcraft", "Chaos", "Thepandrexlive", "Zren", "1Soulfire", "Sallvain", "Goldster", "Adramelechii", "Dragon", "DignitasSelect", "Sing_Sing", "Desrow", "EGHuk", "EG_idra", "Rootcatz", "Liquidsheth", "Spanishiwa", "mtwdimaga", "White-Ra", "Meditor", "Colqxc", "Kraglord", "Tsm_Dyrus", "Nyjacky", "Crs_Saintvicious", "Tsm_Theoddone", "Stephano", "Protech", "l4ad_jcade", "Iamteuton", "Blingzing", "BobMoo", "TaCMoOsE", "Thaney", "Koshka", "Dollar", "Blade55555", "Denix", "HoneybearSC", "Cainine", "Bokagna", "Syberiangamer", "ManBearPig", "Aethis", "Edri", "MMoorehead", "TelecoM", "LadyKayoh" );
                                    $MAX_LONG4 = 61;

            for($d= 0; $d < $MAX_LONG4; $d++){
	if($channelname3 == $channelname5[$d]){
		$channelname3 = $nameshort[$d];

        echo "<font face=arial color=white size=1>" . "<br>" . "&nbsp; " . "&nbsp; " . "&nbsp; " . "&nbsp; " . "&nbsp; " . "[$viewers3]" . " " . $gameSTR3 . " " . $userLINK3 . $channelname3 . "</a>" . "</font>";


Basically, I need someone who is good at coding to figure out why only SOME of the users arent being posted to “channels.txt” and therefor not showing up on the list of live streams.