Help with code


On my website I have a live stream list which display only live users streaming a game they are playing. When someone wants to watch their stream, they simply click the name which is linked to another website in which they can watch. Im wondering, since im new to this, is there a way I can make it so when the user clicks the stream name it brings them to my website and creates their own page automatically with a design thats the same for every streamers page, just obviously different information.

I already have the content that would be on every streamers page. I just need to know how to, or to be shown an example of how I would make it so the code would make its own page automatically.

Again, I am still learning so I am sorry for any stupid questions I may or may not ask.
Thanks in advanced for any help I can get.

Yes, no , maybe…

A. It depends on if the service provider will let you embed the stream on your site.
B. Coding this requires substantial experience

Im almost positive they would.

=( Alright then. Thanks for letting me know.