Gallery of images in post, from local server to web server

In Wordpress I doing my post on local server and then export post to the web server.

On local server I insert gallery of images into the post and all works fine. I also transfered all images on web server.

But when I export posts on web server then posts do not show inserted images. Exactly my website don’t show images in posts.

What is problem, how I set up image gallery in posts to refering images on online web server?

Are your image links using absolute urls? That is, do they look like “images/image.jpg” or something like “http:http://localhost/images/image.jpg”.

Relative links like the former above make this sort of thing a lot easier.

What are you using for the image gallery on your local machine? Are you running a local version of Wordpress? How are you exporting the post to your web server?

My methodology, for what it is worth, is to write teh article in Microsoft word, use the word import feature on the visual editor and then upload any images I want on Wordpress. Maybe it’s not the most efficient system, but it works well for me. Perhaps try something like that.

I use Wordpress as verson on local computer, and when I write post insert images over visual editor and option “Ad an Image” button, Then I select few images from computer,
click on save button and save in image gallery, then click on insert gallery button, and it is it.
Then I export posts trouth Dashboard/Tools/Export … posts are with inserted images. I write Posts in WordPress, no Microsoft word.
Where is option for determine image url path?

If you are using browsers like Safari, Chrome, Opera, or Firefox with Firebug installed, you can right click on the image and choose Inspect Element. That will quickly show you the URL.

Otherwise, choose View > Source (or similar) while viewing a page of your site with images on it and find the relevant line in the code.

Why not just write the post online? Besides having to wait for the upload time for the images it shouldn’t take any longer to write the post online than off. And then you don’t have to worry about these types of problems.

It is because of that I don’t have internet acces all time.

Finally, important is:

How change image gallery url path in wordpress database?

I would just put some placeholder text where you want to place the images and write the rest offline. Then, when transferring the post, you can upload the images. Much better, in my mind, then trying to change the image url path in the database each time.

Alternatively, you can use programs like Windows Live Writer: Windows Live Writer 2011. Last I remember, though, it adds some extra code - but I haven’t used it in years.

OK. but what in case if you need change website domain name,
Is that means you have to upload all images to posts again on new domain?

I’m not following about changing the website domain name. You mean what happens in the future if, after you have uploaded all of the images to your site, you decide to change the domain name of the site (in the general settings section)?

Is that your question? If so, this article may help: Changing The Site URL « WordPress Codex

With that said, if memory serves then you may lock yourself out of your site if you change your domain name on the settings page - so do it with caution and make sure you carefully read that page [I haven’t read it in a long time so I don’t remember what it says]. If you do lock yourself out then you would need to go into PHPMyAdmin (or something equivalent) and change the domain name in the relevant table [don’t recall offhand which table that it is].