Images not showing after moved wordpress local to server


I have moved my site local to server.
i fallowed this video

every came good but images not showing.
when i see image path in firbug. this is i saw
<img width=“242” height=“160” class=“woo-image” alt=“” src=“;w=242&amp;h=160&amp;zc=1&amp;q=90&amp;a=c”>

Can any one help in this.


Hi sidd,

When moving between a local and live server you need to update the site paths in the database which is a real pain as most are serialized using PHP, to help with this process I use a pre-made script that simply goes into the database, finds the URL’s then updates them.

I highly recommend you make a backup before hand to ensure peace of mind if something goes wrong.

If you have not uploaded your images to images folder then you have to manually give path to every pic after uploading from local to live server