Full Background too Big

Im having trouble making a full background billboard site(The size is 1600 x 600 the billboard) which has all the pages on one page for my portfolio, the problem i am having is how do i male it so it is always centered because when i make i and check the layout in a browser it is too big and at the bottom and the right hand side slide appear to see the other part of the site i wish to make it centered like this:


but i am having this problem on my site:


pls can some one help me i would be grateful thank you all

You have a layout set at 1600px wide, which is not very practical. I recommend you read up on “responsive design”, which involves making sites more flexible and adaptable to different screen sizes. If you use, say, a % width for theose divs (e.g. width: 80%; margin: 0 auto;) you can then tell the background image always to fill the div with background-size: cover;

But as I said, you have a bi of reading to do.

Hi Nicky,

You can put the following code into your CSS-file.

background-size: 100%;

That way, your background-picture will resize automatically.

Kind Regards,
Johan Santamaria