Fronteers 2010

It’s time!

The Fronteers Conference for front-end web developers in Amsterdam has been announced, and tickets are on sale! (yesh, the conference is in English)

The conference is 2 days long, Thurs and Friday 7 and 8 october, in Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Speakers so far:
Cameron Adams
Nicholas Zakas
Jeremy Keith
Jeff Croft

as more speakers are added, they’ll be announced on the speakers page.

There is so far also a workshop on Wednesday the 6th of october, Advanced CSS styling by Andy Clarke (main topics: rgb/opacity styling, Javascript cross-browser enhancement, and @font-face). The plan is maybe to get something going for Tuesday and Monday as well.

If you want an idea what goes on at a conference like this, check out last year’s speakers and topics.

Prices so far are 275 euros for eary bird (up to June), after which they go up (I don’t know by how much).

Stephen Hay’s recap of the Fronteers 2010 Conference:

: )

Yeah wow Fronteers was cool. Paul Irish had sharks with lasers coming out of their eyes or something and there was much drinking of beer and all that.

Brenden Eich couldn’t make it (must have had 4 oz of liquid instead of 3 and so got caught at the airport and sentenced to interrogation or something) so Håkon Wium Lie rambled about CSS for a while instead which was cool. Jeremy Keith evangelised for HTML5, Steve Faulkner and Hans Hillens talked about how HTML5, with all it’s new semantics and extra structural form controls and all, is not accessible and we should be using ARIA attributes until it is. Paul Irish… all I remember was sharks with lasers coming out of their eyes, something about how Chrome’s the most awesome browser on the planet or something and sharks and lasers and WebGL and… lasers… and a bunch of other stuff most of us will NOT be adding to our websites in the future because we build plain old boring web sites so people can look up train schedules or make appointments or get insurance blah blah…
Nicholas Zakas had prolly the most useful talk for me, about Javascript and blocking on loading and ways to put your javascript on a page without delays and stuff. Robert Nyman’s Javascript talk was also nice though basic. I did learn a way to make my for loops even better though.

We learned that even though we needed our badges on to get into the Tuschinski, don’t walk around Amsterdam with a badge on or all the scammers think you’re a tourist and they’ll think your stupid enough to buy stolen bikes from them (you are responsible for being in possession of stolen goods if you buy a stolen bike).

Everyone there was a twitaholic and some guy forced me to join the cult by making a twit page for me. Fronteers forced me to have a twitter page.

Did I mention it was full of free beer?

The full list of speakers is now as follows (assuming someone doesn’t get sick or kicked off the plane or something) followed by their particular presentation if known:

Cameron Adams: The Renaissance of Browser Animation
Jake Archibald: Reusable Code, for good or for awesome!
Jina Bolton: CSS Workflow
Brendan Eich
Steve Faulkner
Meagan Fisher
Stephen Hay:
Real-world Responsive Design
Christian Heilmann
Hans Hillen
Paul Irish:
The State of HTML5 : Inaugural Address
Jeremy Keith: The Design of HTML5
Brad Neuberg: Vector Graphics for the Web
Robert Nyman: JavaScript - Like a box of chocolates
Stoyan Stefanov: Progressive Downloads and Rendering
Nicholas Zakas: High Performance JavaScript

Additionally, Andy Clarke is hosting a Advanced CSS styling workshop (sorry, sold out) and Dan Ruben is hosting a Bringing Your Design to Life with CSS3 workshop (still tickets).

Holy foo… I just saw something called the Front End conference in Oslo (yeah, I don’t follow these things, it’s news to me). It’s 2 days, has speakers, and costs € 1,535 !!!

When I was at YAPC (which was only €100), we saw a list of other programming language conferences. Java was over a thousand, but the Python and Ruby and PHP gatherings were up there (around 800 or so).

Gotta give congrats to the Fronteers volunteers and sponsors for making Fronteers 2010 actually affordable (same calibre speakers as FrontEnd 2010, though not as many).

Funny. Not my cup of tea.

Two speakers added:
Stoyan Stefanov[/b] of Yahoo!, and [b][url=]Jake Archibald of the BBC’s Glow library talk: “Reusable Code, for good or for awesome!”).

More speakers added:
Brad Neuberg will talk about SVG, the possibilities in combination with HTML5, and making current versions of Internet Explorer play along (and likely something about IE9, who will support SVG).

Steve Faulkner and Hans Hillen will give a duo-presentation on the accessible way to use HTML5 and how this works with ARIA: “Built-in and bolt-on accessibility”.

The early-bird period ended 30 June, so currently tickets are 375 euros for 2 days and 250 euros for 1.

Javascript creator Brendan Eich and sexy-CSS-er Jina Bolton have joined as speakers.

A workshop by Dan Rubin will take place on Tuesday before the Conference dates, details are in the making.

nice, but expensive!
to me, anyways

Yes, I agree. I’ve been saving up for it!

Partially it’s because of the venue they finally got, was a bit more expensive than what they used last year. But has better seats : )

That line-up is :smiley: And the price for what you get out of this particular conference, especially the quality of speakers is definitely worth the money. I’d like to go myself, one day lol. This would be perfect for me! A Web Design conference dedicated entirely to Front-End Web technologies!

Hmmm so what you’re staying Stomme is that you’re going this year because of the venue and better seats? :stuck_out_tongue: Have you been to Fronteers before Stomme? If you have, what was it like?

I can now think of two very good reasons to visit Amsterdam now :wink: :lol: :rofl:

Andrew Cooper

I really wish I could attend but it is too far away and I don’t really have the time.

That is a good line up of speakers. From the few email conversations I have had with Nicholas in the past I’d be particularly interested in hearing what he has to say.

Felgall, there’s usually some video posted somewhere later.

Andrew, I’ve never been to one of the big conferences, but I’ve been to the monthly meetings, whenever they were close enough for me to get to by train. It’s a Dutch “front-enders guild” lawlz. There were initially a whole lot of ideas floating around of what Fronteers could do, but there aren’t enough people volunteering to do some of those things.

It was mostly started by ppk (of quirksmode).

  • …so want. So do want, but I’ll have to hold off. Thanks for the info and I’ll be googling these names to get some good game from these characters’ sites at least.