Front-end and Back end

Hi there i have gotten some good knowledge in html and css including the laters of the two, and have just picked up a book on javascript. is that the right direction and what are some of the books i should consider reading.
i sometimes get confuse when i hear back end and front end developers can this be explain as well to me, because i want to be in the web technology sector as my chosen career. thanks

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Front end is what is processed by the browser - html, css and JavaScript.

Backend is processed on the server before being sent to the browser - there you get a choice of languages and databases.


Hi felgall thanks for the description, but i guess a designer is suppose to know all that has to do with the front end and the programming languages for the backend as well

A designer does not need to understand all the workings of the backend if someone else is doing all that. They just deal with the code that the backend produces; the result of the backend.

SamA74 thanks a lot, am on it hopefully will get there in no time with much hardwork

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