How many of you guys do coding? uk

The question is mostly for web-designers who work in England.

I am aware of 2 beliefs — one group of designers refuse to code and are claiming that front end developer =/= web designer. Another group is saying something like “So you just draw stuff in photoshop? thats not web design man!”.

What do you think?
I consider myself a designer (mostly web) and i am about to dive deep into front end dev since i am willing to move to London (living outside of EU atm) sooner or later. But when i think about front end dev — there are so much stuff! Lets say i can code basic stuff with html5 and css, but its so much bigger then that — js script, jQuery, various CMSs, some people would like you to know php as well. And then there is flash with action script which a good designer should probably know as well.

I mean… i feel like i will never be as good as the front end developer who is sitting next to me right — the guy didnt draw a single line in his entire life and he only does code. Is it is easy to find a job in uk if you dont code? Can you expect bigger salary if you do code?

ty =)

Web designer would be someone who understands the principals of how web works and is able to design interfaces that work in browsers. There is a lot of designers crossing over from print. They might be good at designing brochures and magazines but that does not mean that they are a good web designers.

Today as it might seem, a front-end designer must know it all. It is good to understand all things involved like HTML/CSS/JS/PHP. Try not to know it all at once as it can get frustrating and you might lose your motivation. Do not worry so much about the guy next to you and how much better they are.

Coding skill is absolutely necessary if you want to be a front-end developer.

Just take is step by step. HTML and CSS are easy to learn. There are a lot of fancy CSS bits, but you don’t need them to build good looking, usable websites. And you will pick up tricks over time.

Try to learn a bit of JS at least, and while you are learning you can use jQuery scripts written for you. And if you learn a CMS (some only take a day or so) you will be able to produce a dynamic website without knowing PHP. Then, over time, learn bits of that too.

If you get the basics of HTML and CSS well established, this combined with graphic design skills will put you in a powerful postion. You can’t be a good web designer without understanding how code works. Graphic designers from a print background need to understand this.


My question was: do you think web-designer / digital designer = front end developer?
Or is it two different professions when one has a deep understanding of ui, ux, design and ability to create stunning visual, while the other guy helps to code it, put on to cms etc.

I am slightly worried that if i will try to learn little bit of everything i will never be good at everything. Things change rapidly in modern world, just yesterday it was html4, today its html5, new scripts appear every day etc. Atm we have a dedicated guy who is developing cms, dedicated designer for print and web, illustrator, ux specialist, front end developer, action script coder for complex flash sites… The way i look on it: every musician should probably be able to play piano but you still have dedicated drummer, guitar guy, vocalist etc.

I know some digital designers who think they are front-end developers but their front-end development skills are poor. I guess it really depends from person to person and their skill level.

To answer your questions, no I don’t think digital designer = front end developer.

I see, thats kind of whats going on in my head as well: Good digital designer + below average front end developer will rarely produce exceptional results i am afraid. Now what are the chances to become really good at both :smiley:

Yes, I meant to add that it’s often best to outsource parts of a job to those who are good at them. for example, I often get a graphic designer to design layouts for my clients, and these days I often get a CMS developer to build that side of things.

I am sure you will! it’s all about practise and experience…

Thank you for your kind words =)