Freelancing having a businesss person backin

Hi all,

I am thinking of setting up my own freelance website design services but i am also thinking would it be wise for a freelance website designer to outsource his project management tasks

What i mean is

  • Somone who can get me clients
  • Somone one who can help me win the clients write client briefs and proposals and basically closes the deal.
  • Somone who can do all the invoice
    -Outsource all design work
  • Me doing all the website development work

But can this be all done if i am a freelancer?

Is this possible at all? if so how sucessful can freelancer be if i hire some one outside my own country eg some one from india for project management?
Is this a wise move for some-one who has no idea on how to write out contracts and get and win clients to get work done so all i have is people working for me and i do the website development and i just outcourse my webdesign tasks to my outsourcee’s?


[FONT=verdana]William, all of what you propose is possible, but it’s not necessarily desirable.

You’ve got to distinguish between two cases. First, there are things like invoicing. It’s relatively easy to outsource that kind of work. There are individuals and companies who will gladly take on your admin and bookkeeping tasks for a reasonable fee. On the other hand, it’s really not difficult to type up an occasional invoice. Chances are you’ll find it easier to do it yourself than go to the trouble of liaising with someone else. It’s not as if you’re going to have to do hundreds of invoices every month. But it’s your choice.

The other case is marketing: finding clients, closing the deal, etc. You can outsource that as well, but is it really desirable? With any professional service, the key to success is forming a personal relationship with the client. That means one-to-one contact at all stages of the project. I can’t see any way of doing that if a third person is standing between you and the client at the initial stages. I would advise you to take responsibility for those tasks yourself.

You also mentioned the possibility of outsourcing the design side of the work so that you can concentrate on the technical issues. I can see why you would find that attractive. However, rather than outsourcing that work, wouldn’t it be better to find designers that you can partner with, either on an on-going or an ad hoc basis. In other words, join forces to put in a single bid the client, working on equal terms to undertake the project. This is likely to be more successful that a situation where you are the boss, and the designer is working under your control.

Just my initial thoughts.



totally seconding Mikls response.

Whenever something goes pear-shaped - and sooner or later it will - it will always be the sales person that wins. The crucial point of all commercial work is the client relationship and specifically the client is who writes the cheques.

I strongly recommend that you learn to love this, even as an employee you fare better if you are able to sell yourself well. As a freelancer it is crucial.

HTH, Jochen