Form handler script

My PHP expertise is limited and I am looking for a PHP script to handle HTML email submissions from a contact web page. I have been looking for suitable scripts on the web but they all vary in technique and I am not sure if the ‘simple’ scripts are safe enough.

I would appreciate some recommendations for a secure script that I could download, modify and make sure I understand before using. That is, a good base to start my learning from.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Try the Green Beast script. When I went through this problem, I ended up taking the hard route by learning enough about PHP to write my own script that does what I want, but the GBCF script is what I would definitely have used otherwise. It would have saved me a lot of headaches, I must admit and it was recommended to me by more than one PHP coder.

I am not sure if the ‘simple’ scripts are safe enough

That’s what worried me, too, but I think that you will be OK with the GB script.

Thank you very much. It is about learning PHP and I had spent a lot of time searching the internet for a script or tutorial. I want to write my own. The problem was the variation in security methods - how much is enough? I didn’t know where to start! This script looks very comprehensive. Some serious study will be needed.