What up with this restriction?

OK, so I was in a conversation about the wikki leaky guy and how he is in fact publishing data that has been stolen (that’s illegal in any other situation), and how he’s not a journalist just because he has a website (I got a website, am I a journalist???), and in the course of the conversation I did mention that any government that would allow someone to get away with this is pretty slow…

…and they closed / deleted the thread just because I mentioned “government” in the course of the conversation which resulted in some overzealous person issuing a major penalty against me.

I understand Site Point doesn’t want arguments over politics, so they banned political discussions. But, we were having a legal discussion that wasn’t focused on politics but the legality of what the wikki leaky guy is doing and how other governments would have stopped him (most every country but the US).

So, is mentioning “government” also banned as sometimes during a conversation something needs to be said in passing about a government and their laws / regulations.

I mean, are subjects banned now that require mentioning anything about “government” :shifty: Is this like a conspiracy, er something?

And, how do you contact those that are high here at Site Point to request a review of the wrongly issued major infraction against me to mentioning “government” during a conversation about a legal issue?

This isn’t a political forum. It’s probably fair to say people don’t come here to discuss or read political diatribes.

It’d also be fair to say that pretty much every post I’ve read of yours has a dig against one or another political bodies or agitation that has no relevance to the topics in discussion. Some people would consider that trolling.

There are plenty other forums on the internet for right wing politics that you’d probably find more suitable. :google:

Then, why do so many on this board continue to make references to politics?
Few get into a full blown political discussion, but many mention politics in the course of their discussion.

Seems like ALL mention of or reference to politics should be banned as opposed to moderators allowing a little talk of political stuff as long as it is a popular view…and then slapping infractions on speech that isn’t popular.

So, is any mention politics banned or not?

no, no mention is allowed

that rule should be pretty easy to interpret and to follow, yes?

if you spot a post which you think crosses the line, don’t reply to it, rather please just flag it

OK, well then there are alot of people here that should be receiving infractions for just mentioning anything political in nature, right?
But…they aren’t because if they mention a viewpoint that is popular, then it is allowed.

If someone mentions a viewpoint that isn’t popular…they get an infraction.

This about sums up the situation…

Apparently it does since lots of people mention political stuff in their conversations.

We don’t allow political discussions and we simply close the thread. Also, we don’t close a thread if it is not political just because you mention the word politics.
We do close threads where people are starting to get too agresive and, sometimes, if the debate is going nowhere but nobody agrees to disagree.

Actually no, they get a warning which may be public (a reminder to everyone that political discussions are not allowed) or in private.

OK, so I should have gotten a warning instead of a major infraction?

I was talking about the legal aspects of the wikki leaky guy so government actions were referenced.

It wasn’t a discussion about politics, but about legal issues…so why didn’t I just get a warning?

Maybe the moderator is a big wikki leaky fan, er somethin?

Ok, they get a warning unless they have prior infractions for whatever reason, as you do.

I see, so if one has a minor posting violation back in 2008…the next time they automatically get as major infraction in effect for several years?


You did not get infracted for the first mention of politics but for continuing your diatribe. THAT is specifically forbidden by the FAQ so, if you want to whine about this, whine at me or whine at the Administrator (HAWK). Continuing in this vein will get you banned.


“some overzealous person issuing a major penalty against me” is an attack against a moderator - in a public place - which is also forbidden. As the “overzealous person” in question, I left it rather than ban you on points (a second major is all it takes). I can only hope that you learned the lessons here: (1) READ the FAQ and (2) comply OR leave (voluntarily or otherwise).

Thread closed.



You’re supposed to know the rules and how things work, specially if you’ve been a member for a certain time. :slight_smile: