For marketing purposes: Exact match or other .com?


For marketing and hits purposes, should I host my new site at a 3 word .com or a 1 word exact match domain name?

I do not mind the reduction in hits due to UK only domain. Because I think the will bring better results in the UK market. Am I right?

For example:

Which is best to use?


If I’m looking to buy a product, I’m more likely to click through on a .uk domain of some sort, because I’m then pretty sure it is a UK site. (It’s frustrating to find what you want on a .com, then discover it’s not available here.) If I’m looking purely for information, then I don’t care particularly.

As far as search engines go, as I keep telling you, they are concerned primarily with whether or not the content of the site matches the search query. The domain name - and particularly the extension - will make little difference. If you want to target a UK audience with a generic TLD like .com, you can set the geographical target for Google in Search Console.

ok - thanks for reply.

If I start with a .com, build backlinks and then want to change to would the backlinks count towards the if I do a 301 permanent redirect on the .com to the

Wasn’t that answered here? (And possibly other threads, too.)


cool - you are right - just wandered if any different for a but I guess not

Thanks - I think I’ll go with with the

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