Footer not floated correctly?

I think my footer is not floated correctly? Not sure what’s the cause but my #outterwrapper div is supposed have a white background but most of the outterwrapper div is taking on the beige background color of the body? How do I fix this?

my page

No worries. That’s one of the most common pitfalls with floats, so keep a not of it. The only problem with this overflow method would be in you have one or more elements that need to hang out of the white area—in which case they’d be cut off. That’s where the clearfix method comes in handy.

No - I want it to be outside. Thanks for that!

A container does not wrap around its floated contents, so there are ways of “clearing floats”. The easiest is to do this:

#outterwrapper {
    overflow: hidden;

This won’t enclose the footer, though, as it is outside of the outerwrapper. Do you want it to be inside?