Font Licensing

I pan on making a website shortly that uses the Georgia font family. My questions do I have to buy the font license for that? When I specify that the text should be displayed in Georgia do I need a license for that or does it use the end users license? Also what is the licensing of the font that came with my mac? I assume it’s something along the lines of ‘free for non-commercial use’.

I plan of using a modified version of Georgia for the logo and this will be displayed as an image on the website, everything else will be interpreted by the user’s browser. Another thing is a seem only to be able to find desktop licensing for Georgia . What licensing do I need to use Georgia on my website?


There are different types of license for the same font depending on the use you want to make of them so you should check the terms and conditions of the sale and make sure that the license is right for your purpose.

In the case of the logo, that would be commercial use.

Yeah ok, but when it is used as text on a webpage, and I’m not distributing the font, the font interpreted by the users browser then selects an appropriate font from their computer. Who’s license is being used? Mine or the users?

If you’re not distributing the font, I can’t see why there should be a problem. In order for your page to display the font, the font in question must already be present on the user’s system. It is therefore up to the user to ensure that the font is properly licensed. It’s not your responsibility. (If I’ve understood the question correctly.)


Yes, thanks Mike.