@font-face works locally but not live - licensing issue?

Hi all,

Any ideas on this one? I’m testing the site on my PC and @font-face is working in FF/Opera/Chrome/Safari using local files, but once I upoad it to the server it stops working.

I’m using a relative file path for the font-file (a .ttf in this case) so I don’t think it’s that (besides all the other assets are using relative paths and they’re all fine).

Now, the file in question requires a license that I don’t have :shifty:
BUT! I am just using it to test things out until I find a suitable free alternative, I promise! :slight_smile:
So, I tested it using an ‘unsuitable’ free alternative - literally just changing the filename in the CSS - and it works first time.

Does this mean that there’s some security measure being implemented to prevent misuse of unlicensed files? Please don’t scorn me for this, I’m still learning and just found it interesting! :injured:

I assume you used the font-squirrel generator to generate all the files properly and followed all their guidelines to the letter? If not try that approach first.

It could be your server is not configured properly to allow this and could be an htaccess issue.

Regarding uploading unlicensed fonts then you are on sticky ground - even for testing and I wouldn’t do it. You can test locally fine so you know what it looks like anyway.

Have a read of the following 2 articles as i found them to be very interesting.

The Essential Guide to @font-face
Bulletproof @font-face syntax « Paul Irish

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

@Paul - it maybe something like the htcaccess I guess, but I have literally no idea what that even means, but thanks for the link! and, I understand about the sticky ground - I’ll be leaving it behind once I find a proper solution.

I’m thinking of using images rather than text as a fix, as it’s only for five menu buttons, and I understand an unlicensed font can be used in an image asset created in software for which the font IS licensed? (Adobe CS in this instance)

@SgtLegend - hadn’t seen that first article, so thanks for the link :slight_smile: