Focus on One .com Domain or Lot of Country Specific Domains

Hi All,

We have developed a worldwide hotel booking website with a .com domain. We have also purchased about 10 country specific domains (ex: But I noted some of our competitive websites rank well in specific geographical locations (ex: UK) even when they have one .com domain.

So what you guys recommend ?.

  1. Focus only to one .com domain and do the best to rank it in all targeted locations


  1. Maintain country specific domains to targeted all locations and promote those websites separately

Further please let me know the whether there are any advantages or disadvantages in these two options.

Thank you in advance.

In my personal opinion I don’t think it matters too much from a SEO perspective, but as a user I would rather see efforts that are targeted towards my country on its own domain. If done well through a CMS, and with the right Google Webmaster Tool settings to tell Google that the domain is targeting that specific country then you’re doing the right thing.

A lot of it depends on how much localisation you are wanting to put in to the different countries’ sites. If it’s essentially the same content across the globe then you don’t need to worry about having different sites for each country. On the other hand, if you’re tailoring the content more specifically to each country individually then it would make sense to set each one up as a separate site.