Float image

I need an image to float at the bottom of the page.
Something like this.

html & css if possible please! is for a college project. This is the only thing that is left. ty ty ty ty ty!!!

Do you want it to stay at the bottom of the window even if a user scrolls, or do you just want it at the bottom of the page, outside of the normal structure?

Yes I want it to stay at the bottom of the window. It is something that if you see it is because you are at the bottom of the page same as the footer, just that the image I want it to be on top of the box where is the content & the background of course but at the end of the page. idk if I’ve explained well now hehe. thanx

In that case I think you’ll need to add position: absolute css to that element, using top, left, bottom and right css rules to position it where you want (add position: relative to the parent element you want to position in relation to, which I’m guessing might be the footer)

First create a div in the bottom, place the image in that div allocate the height and width of the div to the height and width of the image.Then write css for the div and mention the float left or right, where you want to float the image.If you give height and width to auto, it’ll affect the image.