Create floating image that stays at bottom of screen despite scrolling

i’m trying to create a little image that floats at the bottom right of the screen and stays there even if the person is scrolling up and down on the page. (so it has to use javascript to update it’s location)

here is something similar to what i mean:
notice the floating feedback in the bottom right corner.

i dont want all the additional features that one has, i just want it to be a clickable image link that floats at the same spot on the page. i tried looking at the source code for it but i’m not that great at javascript and the source for that is a mess since there is so much going on.

can anyone help me or point me to somewhere that shows how to simply create a floating image link in the bottom of a page? i cant really find anything except that link i gave…

i apprecaite any help


i found the perfect thing to do it… a floating menu script here:

you can easily modify it to be a menu or image or whatever you want.