Flexible box: do you use it?


I was wondering what were your experiences with the flexbox model, and if it was ok to use it, or if it was better to wait, or if it was better to stay away from it forever as it could trigger some kind of css3 apocalypse.


-jj. :slight_smile:

Only used it for playing around so far :slight_smile:

I did see a nice accordion [URL=“http://www.netmagazine.com/tutorials/create-clickable-accordion-css-animation?ns_service=mail&ns_robot=partner-communicator&ns_mail_uid=964&ns_mail_job=1024468&ns_campaign=1024468&ns_source=Communicator&ns_mchannel=email-n&ns_linkname=Untitled2&ns_fee=0&ns_recipient=paul.obrien4@btinternet.com”]demo using it and :target (no js).

It’s one of those properties that make it hard for graceful degradation and of course the spec is still under develpoment and may change.