Best Books on CSS

It’s 2016 and CSS now offers way more than it did a couple of years ago. I started my career as a front-end coder, but for more than 5 years I focused only on UI design. That left a huge gap in my web skills, so now I want to regain knowledge on CSS and see what I’ve lost during the years.

To get to the point, what would be the best CSS book for me, a guy who had used CSS back when IE hacks were necessary to fix the broken box model. I wonder what have I missed during the years?

Things that I would like to pay attention are the flexbox model. I believe by the time I master it, it will be already well supported by the major browsers, so I would like to slowly leave DIVs and clear fixes, unless it’s too early for that.

My site is and has been in need of a redo for quite a while.

The last I designed it was after the “*!@#!! IE6” days, but not by much.

So I’ve been looking at various approaches. I’ll likely still use XHTML style tags, but I do want to use more semantic mark-up, and I do want it to be device agnostic. .

I’m more a developer than a designer, so my pages will be relatively simple, and I was wondering if flex might be the way to go.

From what caniuse has on it, it looks fairly well supported - except for - you guessed it :wink:

Looks fairly good according to MDN as well

Haha true. IE has always been behind. Anyway, I began reading CSS Secrets by Lea Verou for a start.


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