Flash website builder software

Hi friends,
I am a web developer but I m very very bad in designing although i know xhtml , css and a cms and seo pretty well…Now, i want some help in designing. Can anybody please tell me the best Readymade flash software available in the market to create stunning looking flash websites , should have lotss of flash templates which i can edit a little by decompiling ( i don’t want to learn Flash from the scratch ).
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

The best is Adobe’s Flash there is also [URL=“http://www.swishzone.com/index.php?area=products&product=max”]SwishMax. I’ve never used Swish so I can’t say if it is good or bad. :slight_smile:

Thanks BPartch,
But what I meant was I want a very good Readymade Flash Website Builder by which i can create flash websites in minutes without having to touch the code, like the software should have a lottt of flash templates which I can simply edit with a flash decompiler.

I’m not sure that what you’re asking for exists. Adobe Flash is the software necessary to create Flash. It’s the original and most powerful, and that’s why the end result is the same name as the software. Sort of like “Band-Aid” brand. I don’t think there’s anything comparable for Flash that, say, Artisteer is to Joomla.

Your best bet, if you have the Adobe Flash software, is to look around for free components or projects in the original ‘.fla’ format. You can use Adobe Flash to play with these components and get some ideas of how to modify them. How-to books almost always include DVD-ROM packed with experiments and basic templates. Then, you can buy full website templates (from templatemonster, etc.) for relatively cheap.

There isn’t a solution for the requirements you need. There are places that sell Flash templates or products which can produce very basic Flash templates, however it should be pointed out that not only is that a very poor way to make a website (as not everyone can use Flash) but the resulting design would certainly look like a cheap rip-off of the other templates being used out there. If you want a unique website, build it yourself, those automated solutions aren’t any good. :slight_smile: