Flash mp3 player not playing mp3 when embedded

Hey Sitepoint, I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I have a simple mp3 flash player, works great when I directly play the .swf, but when I embed it into the front page, it doesn’t load the sound file or play at all. So I must assume I’m embedding it wrong, I’ve tried the standard embed, and the Kirupa embed to no avail.

Working link:

Direct swf:

Other files:

I’ve attached the working directory which may help. Thank you in advance.

Embed apparently doesn’t like it when a shockwave flash file is in another directory.

Problem would be with the paths. path of MP3 file should be relative to the HTML file not the swf file. because when an swf file is embedded into an html all its paths get changed according to the HTML file.
for example if your swf is in “swf” folder and mp3 file is in “audio” folder and the HTML file which is playing the swf is in the root folder then your path would be /audio/audio.mp3
Let me know if im not clear